Great Gear for Trail Running

Even if you proclaim that you detest running, if you are looking to get into the sport then trail running could be the perfect gateway for you. Trail running offers you the best of both worlds; the chance to get out there and enjoy some nature whilst still benefiting from a good run and that famous runners high. We’re so lucky in the UK that we have lots of running trails in parks, forests, on river banks and through the countryside meaning that you don’t need to get bored when you are going out on a run. If you are looking to start trail running, then you will of course need some new gear that will not only look great but that will be practical too. If you are looking for some inspiration, then read on to find out about some of our favourite pieces.

If you are newbie to the sport then you definitely don’t need to splash your cash around; a good but affordable pair of shoes from a reputable brand will help to look after your feet and joints as you get into your stride. Karrimor is a great outdoors brand that you can find readily available at Sports Direct and they make so fantastic sports and other outdoor clothing and footwear. These funky grey and blue trail running trainers are a hybrid between a running trainer and a walking shoe meaning that you really can enjoy the best of both worlds when you’re running through those forests. With maximum cushioning, shock absorption and comfortable seamless design, these shoes will look great and still keep your feet comfortable after a run. Currently available in sizes 4 to 8, they are a bargain at just £19.99.

A practical pair of legging that will keep you cool whilst at the same time keep a chill of is another great idea, and if they have some reflective parts or pattern for running even in the darker winter months, then so much the better. While it can be tempting to go for a cheapie pair of running leggings, in most cases they simply won’t stand the test of time like other better quality ones will, and they are usually thinner and a bit see-through too! These gorgeous ones from reputed sports brand Puma are just the thing with their cool swan feather design. With the iconic Puma branding and in flattering pattern, you can wear these fashionable leggings when you are hitting the trails. They cost a very reasonable £29 and are available in UK sizes 8 to 16.

For a light and bright running jacket that will keep the worst of the rain and wind off when you are running outside, invest in this stylish white one from mega sports brand adidas. With a full zip fastening as well as 2 zip up front pockets ideal for your phone and keys, you can stay visible on the trails as well as at the right temperature. Get this cool little running jacket for just £30.

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